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PostHeaderIcon D11. Ballock dagger

Ballock dagger with wooden, leather covered scabbard. Brass decorations.
Original was found around 1920 in Weser river near Bremen in Germany and is dated to late 14th / early 15th century.

Weight: 215g (320g with the scabbard)

Price: 200EUR



PostHeaderIcon D12. Rondel dagger, 14th century

Highly decorative replica of XIV century dagger in set with knife and scabbard. Dagger has one-edged blade, horn grip (in knife too), wax-hardened leather scabbard. Decorations are made in brass and silver.
Please check also the owner review(in German).

Price: 415EUR


14th cent. rondel dagger


PostHeaderIcon D13. Basilard dagger

Steel dagger presents in type which was popular in the 14th century. Wooden grip parts are riveted together with the steel frame (which is one steel piece with the blade). Set includes unusual, steel reinforced scabbard.

Price: 200 EUR