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PostHeaderIcon D06. Ballock dagger

A quite simple ballock dagger. It could be done alone (with scabbard of course) or in a set with small knife. This dagger has wooden, leather covered scabbard and brass attachments.

Price: 180EUR for dagger alone, 225EUR in set with knife



PostHeaderIcon D07. Dagger from crucifixion scene, c. 1350.

A replica of long dagger shown on crucifixion scene of an altar from c. 1350 with wooden, leather covered scabbard.

Price: 300EUR

D07D07Detail od cfucifixion scene c. 1350


PostHeaderIcon D08. Ballock dagger

This is an example of rich decorated ballock dagger. This is the set with two smaller knives in wax hardened leather scabbard. Grips are made of black oak wood, decorated with silver elements (they can also be brass, see photos in second row below). Last photo below shows also D08 dagger together with B01 belt.

Weight: 695g, dagger alone - 355g.

Dimensions: length - 470mm, blade - 320mm.

Price: 510EUR for version with silver, 460EUR with brass parts




PostHeaderIcon D09. Basilard dagger

This is another example of dagger in the shape which was very popular in the XIV century. The set consist the dagger and two knives in one scabbard. The ornamented grips and scabbard ending are made of brass.

Price: 300EUR



PostHeaderIcon D10. Ballock dagger

The replica of ballock dagger in quite unusual form (original preserved in castle museum Malbork, Poland). The set consist a dagger, small knife and wooden, leather covered scabbard.

Price: 300EUR